Ex-Congressman William Jefferson: Power, Corruption, & Lies

last update: 5 May 2012

"What a waste!"
---Congressman William Jefferson when he was shown a videotape in which he accepted $100,000 in bribe money

Source Article
NOLA.com FBI affidavit details Jefferson’s dealings
NOLA.com FBI raids Jefferson office in D.C.
NOLA.com For juries, seeing deed on tape often is believing
WashingtonPost.com For Deals, Jefferson Built Web Of Firms
NOLA.com Nigerian wanted a cut, tape says
NOLA.com Attorney general defends search of congressman's office
NOLA.com Jefferson promises he has 'an honorable explanation'
NOLA.com Jefferson awaits Demos' decision
NOLA.com Firm lent Jefferson at least $50,000
NOLA.com Pelosi says Jefferson treated fairly during investigation
NOLA.com Democrats vote to remove Jefferson from Ways and Means
NOLA.com House removes Jefferson from committee
WWLTV.com Jefferson calls Democratic caucus' decision 'unprecedented and unfair'
CNSNews.com Scandal Woes Could Benefit Jefferson, Analysts Say
NOLA.com Satellite radio firm provided records
Harpers.org Archie Jefferson: read his pitch to São Tomé
Harpers.org The Companies They Keep: Congressman Jefferson, family, and friends
Harpers.org Meet William Jefferson's Political Supporters
NOLA.com Federal grand jury subpoenas Jefferson e-mails before searches
NOLA.com Jefferson hires crisis-seasoned PR aide
NOLA.com Seal on Seized Jefferson Materials Expires Today
NOLA.com Judge rules FBI raid on congressman's office was legal
WWLTV.com Jefferson to appeal search ruling
NOLA.com Feds oppose Jefferson bid for delay
NOLA.com Judge rejects Jefferson request on documents
WWLTV.com Jefferson, Nigerian vice president agree on two important points
WashingtonPost.com Nigerian Entangled In Jefferson Investigation
NOLA.com Jefferson political prospects still bright
Chron.com Judges delay investigation of congressman
NOLA.com Jefferson documents remained sealed while he argues to permanently block them from prosecutors
NOLA.com Probe jams Nigerian's campaign
Kentucky.com Behind the cash in the freezer
NOLA.com In New Orleans, allegations don't inter embattled congressman
NOLA.com Jefferson probe leads to accusations against Nigerian vice president
NOLA.com Timing in case against Jefferson tricky
NOLA.com Nagin embraces Jefferson campaign
NOLA.com Probe hits Jefferson in wallet
ABC News US scandal triggers crisis in Nigeria gov't
NOLA.com Court order may delay Jefferson investigation
NOLA.com In a career knotted with family ties, Rep. William Jefferson has long been hounded by ethics questions
NOLA.com Blanco releases copies of federal subpoena
WWLTV.com Documents released indicate state money was steered to non-profits with ties to Rep. Jefferson
NOLA.com Suburbs, white vote tip the scales to Jefferson
WWLTV.com Jefferson re-election draws national attention
NOLA.com Congressman, business associate sued in offshoot of bribery probe
NOLA.com Jefferson attorneys want return of raided papers in bribe probe
WWLTV.com Justice Department says raid on Rep. Jefferson's office was constitutional
NOLA.com Jefferson aide subpoenaed by Virginia grand jury
NOLA.com Ruling in Jefferson case could make history
NOLA.com Jefferson challenge of search now before judges
NOLA.com Federal prosecutors face deadline for charging Jefferson
NOLA.com Jefferson steps down from House panel
NOLA.com N.O. congressman faces 16 counts
NOLA.com Congress votes to begin ethics investigation of Jefferson
NYTImes.com Ethics Panel to Investigate Congressman on Conduct
NOLA.com Judge freezes Jefferson's finances
NOLA.com Ethics committee resumes investigation of Jefferson
NOLA.com 'Did I sell my office or trade official acts for money? Absolutely not.'
NOLA.com Jefferson has flown high and could fall low
NOLA.com Indictment alleges congressman's brother played key role in scheme
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson goes before federal grand jury
NOLA.com Jefferson OKs seizure of retirement savings
NOLA.com How much are Mose Jefferson's buildings worth?
NOLA.com Unsealed documents in Jefferson case reveal new details
NYTimes.com Court Partly Rebuffs F.B.I. on House Office Search
NOLA.com iGate CEO disregarded tip about Jefferson probe
NOLA.com Jefferson motion attacks federal case
Mail & Guardian South Africa link to US bribes scandal
NOLA.com Feds deny Jefferson was made to talk
TheHill.com Firm tangled in Jefferson case received $450,000
NOLA.com Bathroom break debate is part of Jefferson case
NOLA.com Judge questions premise of Jefferson's defense
NOLA.com Jefferson wants trial moved
Portfolio.com The Convict and the Congressman
NOLA.com Feds say case against Jefferson lists 2 more bribery schemes
AllAfrica.com How Siemens Underdeveloped Telecoms Sector (i)
NOLA.com Ruling Will Cripple Probes Of Lawmakers, U.S. Says
FoxNews.com Judge Dismisses Rep. William Jefferson's Request to Change Case Venue
ThisDayOnline.com Fraud: Jefferson’s Lawyers May Seek Postponement of Trial
NOLA.com Jefferson attorneys get time to prepare
TheHill.com Jefferson lawyers question federal agents
NOLA.com Jefferson's help had a price, feds say
NOLA.com FBI used subtle tack with Jefferson
NOLA.com Jefferson angry at prosecutors' reference to family members
NOLA.com Jefferson describes hostile questioning
Chron.com Indicted New Orleans congressman linked to Botswana diamond case
NOLA.com Judge refuses to throw out Jefferson charges
NOLA.com Jefferson strategies may be incompatible
NOLA.com Jefferson appeals ruling, likely to delay trial
FirstCall.com Jefferson clings to office, fights corruption charges
NOLA.com Way cleared for Congressman Jefferson's appeal
TheHill.com Jefferson lawyers cite race case in change of venue request
NOLA.com Betty Jefferson implicated in Shepherd case, sources say
NYTImes.com Congressman’s Brother Is Said to Have Bribed School Official
NOLA.com Brooks-Simms secretly recorded conversations with Mose Jefferson
NOLA.com Judge refuses to dismiss charges against Jefferson
NOLA.com Indicted: 4th District Assessor Betty Jefferson


NOLA.com Jefferson indictments handed down
NOLA.com EDITORIAL: Lowest form of looting
NOLA.com Jefferson has flown high and could fall low
NOLA.com Judge sets Dec. 2 trial date for Jefferson
NOLA.com Odds facing Rep. Jefferson's re-election bid grow longer
NOLA.com Jefferson to seek 10th term in Congress
NOLA.com Jefferson sister pleads guilty in charity scam
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson called his sister after she agreed to cooperate with prosecutors
NOLA.com EDITORIAL: A Jefferson breaks ranks
NOLA.com Prosecutors accuse Jefferson of playing for a delay
NOLA.com Judge refuses to throw out Jefferson comments
NOLA.com Bribery defense hinges on risky tack
NOLA.com Jeffersons tied to Shepherd conspiracy case
NOLA.com Jefferson's push to get rid of 5 fraud counts rejected
NOLA.com 5 Demos sign up to face Jefferson
NOLA.com Jefferson can no longer count on longtime ally
WWLTV.com Prosecutors: Bribery case against Mose Jefferson not racially motivated
AHN Judge Rejects Rep. Jefferson's Motion To Dismiss Racketeering Charges
NOLA.com Jefferson's seized papers can be used, judge rules
NOLA.com William Jefferson: Longevity, clout matter
KATC.com Sentencing delayed for La. congressman's sister
USA Today Indicted Louisiana House member bids for 10th term
NOLA.com Judge rules that lawyer Ike Spears can no longer represent Mose and Betty Jefferson
NOLA.com Solo trial for Mose Jefferson postponed
NOLA.com Rep. William Jefferson's attorneys ask court to throw out charges
NOLA.com Mose and Betty Jefferson still seeking attorney
NOLA.com Mose and Betty Jefferson to update judge on attempts to find a new lawyer
NOLA.com Mose and Betty Jefferson land high-powered defense attorneys
NOLA.com Race to unseat U.S. Rep. William Jefferson suprisingly low-key
NOLA.com Bill Jefferson, Helena Moreno to meet in runoff for Congress
WWLTV.com Scandal-plagued Jefferson heads to November runoff
NOLA.com Results show voters keep the faith in Congressman William Jefferson
NOLA.com Many surprised at strength of Jefferson win
NOLA.com Rep. Jefferson still has influential allies in Congress
NOLA.com Bill Jefferson, Helena Moreno work to shore up support in congressional runoff
NOLA.com Federal fraud trial for bond broker scheduled to begin today
NOLA.com Jefferson got money from Moyo, feds testify
NOLA.com Moyo guilty of money laundering
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson retains defense lawyer
NOLA.com Long list of legal problems face Jefferson family
NOLA.com Jefferson lies low as congressional runoff nears
NOLA.com Ministers back U.S. Rep. William Jefferson for Congress
NOLA.com Quiet Jefferson-Moreno race finally comes to life
WWLTV.com Money runs low in Jefferson-Moreno race
NOLA.com U.S. Rep. William Jefferson cruises past Moreno to December runoff
NOLA.com Congressman Bill Jefferson benefited from loyal base
NOLA.com Corruption trial of Rep. William Jefferson likely delayed again
NOLA.com 4th Circuit upholds corruption indictment of U.S. Rep. William Jefferson
NOLA.com U.S. Rep. William Jefferson's trial pushed back to 2009
NOLA.com Lawyers for U.S. Rep. William Jefferson appealing to full 4th Circuit to have charges dropped
WWLTV.com Trial date still unclear for U.S. Rep. William Jefferson
NOLA.com Newcomer Joseph Cao hopes to unseat U.S. Rep. William Jefferson
NOLA.com Stephanie Grace: If Rep. William Jefferson wins re-election, get ready to answer questions
NOLA.com Jefferson hopes to cash in on ties to Obama at polls
WSJ.com Frozen Out? Court Rejects Appeal by Rep. William Jefferson
WWLTV.com Race and reform play major role in Jefferson re-election bid
NOLA.com Obama helping other Democrats, but not Bill Jefferson
NOLA.com Preachers urge voters to re-elect U.S. Rep. William Jefferson
NOLA.com Low turnout expected in today's election
NOLA.com Anh 'Joseph' Cao beats Rep. William Jefferson in 2nd Congressional District
DAILYKOS.com I'm Glad Jefferson Lost
WWLTV.com Cao unseats Jefferson
NYTimes.com Voters Oust Indicted Congressman in Louisiana
NOLA.com Stephanie Grace: Story is loser, not winner
NOLA.com Rep. Jefferson loses more than his office
NOLA.com Jefferson's career steeped in historic moments
NOLA.com Voter apathy, confusion led to Jefferson's loss, expert says
NOLA.com Cao says he's 'here to represent everyone'
NOLA.com Anh "Joseph" Cao's commitment to Louisiana's 2nd congressional district
NOLA.com James Gill: Bill Jefferson's legal woes just got worse
TheNation.com Good Riddance to William Jefferson
NOLA.com William Jefferson's attorneys seeking files on key government witness in corruption case
NOLA.com Court refuses to take up Rep. William Jefferson's appeal
NOLA.com Court rejects appeal by U.S. Rep. William Jefferson
NOLA.com Prosecutors seek to thwart delay in U.S. Rep. William Jefferson's trial
CitizensForEthics.org Jefferson Tries New Argument
Harpers.org William Jefferson Scandal Link to Siemens Bribery Investigation?
NOLA.com Louisiana loses more clout in D.C.'s halls of power
NOLA.com Rep. William Jefferson loses another round in court
NOLA.com Jefferson attorneys on global quest
NOLA.com Conspiracy figure in Rep. William Jefferson case took bribes, SEC says
NOLA.com U.S. Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao makes splash as Congress sworn in
NOLA.com Former Rep. William Jefferson seeks another delay in corruption trial
NOLA.com Former Rep. William Jefferson's corruption trial set for May 26
NOLA.com Former state Rep. Jalila Jefferson-Bullock admits ethics code infraction
NOLA.com Keeping their distance
NOLA.com Former Rep. William Jefferson files appeal with U.S. Supreme Court
WWLTV.com Attempt to get recall election of Cao likely doomed
NOLA.com Former Rep. William Jefferson seeking mental health records for witness
NOLA.com Bill Jefferson challenges bribery charges
NOLA.com Rehab a tall order for Jefferson
AllAfrica.com Nigeria: Halliburton - Atiku Denies Involvement
UPI.com Jefferson seeks to bar indictment
NOLA.com Ex-congressman William Jefferson's corruption case spurs flurry of motions
NOLA.com Jefferson wants jurors quizzed on opinions of politicians
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson seeks new trial date, blames publicity from his brother's case
NOLA.com Stephanie Grace: Former Rep. William Jefferson is partly to blame for state's corrupt image
NOLA.com Confidential list surfaces on jury of peers for Rep. William Jefferson
NOLA.com Prosecutors seek 20-year sentence for bond broker tied to Jefferson
NOLA.com William Jefferson's attorneys complain that feds unfairly edited recorded conversations
NOLA.com Friends of Bill Jefferson to hold tribute in advance of federal corruption trial
NOLA.com 'We're with you, ' friends assure embattled former congressman William Jefferson
NOLA.com High court won't delay trial of ex-Rep. Jefferson
NOLA.com James Gill: Is Jefferson a factor in feud between Tracie Washington and Stacy Head?
NOLA.com Renee Gill Pratt, ex-N.O. councilwoman and state representative, indicted
AuroraSentinel.com Editorial: Remind politicians that they're not above the law
NOLA.com Prosecutors get favorable ruling in William Jefferson case
NOLA.com Trial for former Rep. William Jefferson delayed until June 9
NOLA.com Stephanie Grace: Indictments are all in the family for former Congressman Bill Jefferson
NOLA.com One week after indictment, Renee Gill Pratt takes leave from SUNO
NOLA.com Ex-congressman's brother tasted political victory behind the scenes
NOLA.com Stephanie Grace: Former U.S. Rep. Bill Jefferson's grip on Southern University of New Orleans isn't what it once was
NOLA.com Renee Gill Pratt, co-defendants plead innocent to federal money-skimming charges
NOLA.com Oft-delayed trial of William Jefferson finally about to begin
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson seeks dismissal of racketeering indictment
NOLA.com William Jefferson trial begins today
WWLTV.com Potential jurors given questionnaires, sent home for day
NOLA.com Nearly 100 potential jurors in Jefferson case given questionnaires, told to return Wednesday
NOLA.com Bill Jefferson's family may be key element in corruption trial
WWLTV.com Twitter, Facebook comes up in Jefferson jury questioning
NOLA.com Key witness will not testify against former Rep. William Jefferson
WWLTV.com Jury seated in Jefferson trial
WSJ.com Why You Should Pay Attention to the William Jefferson Trial
NOLA.com Ex-Congressman William Jefferson's accuser Lori Mody will be heard, not seen
NOLA.com Case against Jefferson may not be airtight; Experts see weak spots in feds' arguments
WWLTV.com Opening arguments set to begin Tuesday in Jefferson trial
NOLA.com Attorney says former Rep. William Jefferson 'not guilty'
WWLTV.com DuBos: Twists and turns in Jefferson trial
NOLA.com Prosecutors say former Rep. William Jefferson hoped to funnel hundreds of millions to his family
NOLA.com Testimony continues in trial of former Rep. William Jefferson
WWLTV.com Defense and prosecution fight over FBI tapes in Jefferson trial
WWLTV.com Mose Jefferson fights to keep lawyer
NOLA.com Witness details payoffs for work in Africa in William Jefferson trial
NOLA.com Stephanie Grace: So much for an honorable rationale from ex-Congressman William Jefferson
The BLT Jefferson Defense: He Never Intended to Follow Through with Bribe
The BLT Jefferson Jury Hears Profanity-Laced Call
NOLA.com Gill Pratt, Mose Jefferson push to keep August trial date
The BLT Jefferson Day 3: Cross-Examination Begins
NOLA.com William Jefferson warned they could land in 'pokey,' tapes reveal
NOLA.com Tapes show key witness in William Jefferson trial was unconcerned about FBI raids
NOLA.com William Jefferson's defense strategy is coming into focus in corruption trial
NOLA.com Judge impatient with pace in trial of former Rep. William Jefferson
NOLA.com Use of Lori Mody tapes is at issue in William Jefferson corruption trial
NOLA.com iGate exec says he feared retribution during William Jefferson corruption trial testimony
NOLA.com Nigerian TV executive says former Rep. William Jefferson sought payments
NOLA.com Nigerian executive testifies he gave cash to William Jefferson
NOLA.com Juror dismissed in trial of former Rep. William Jefferson
NOLA.com Judge refuses to postpone Mose Jefferson's bribery trial
NOLA.com 'Ruined' Nigerian executive calls for justice in William Jefferson corruption trial
NOLA.com Technology is focus in trial of former Rep. William Jefferson
WWLTV.com Judge refuses to toss case against Mose Jefferson
NOLA.com William Jefferson's activities cast as "official acts" by witnesses in corruption trial
UPI.com N.O. accountant testifies that Andrea Jefferson's company took in cash, but incurred no expenses
NOLA.com Prosecutors: Jefferson's wife hid bribes
NOLA.com Witness says Jefferson family firm did little for iGate
NOLA.com Former aide testifies against William Jefferson
NOLA.com Ex-aide expected wealth through former congressman William Jefferson
NOLA.com Former aide to William Jefferson told investor deal was legal
NOLA.com Defense notes ex-aide to William Jefferson made assurances that dealings were legal
NOLA.com Tapes highlight William Jefferson's role in business deal
NOLA.com FBI tapes played in trial of former Rep. William Jefferson
NOLA.com William Jefferson tape cites Nigerian leader's role
NOLA.com Jury sees videos of former Rep. William Jefferson accepting cash
NOLA.com William Jefferson seen accepting money in video
NOLA.com Stephanie Grace: Why did former Congressman William Jefferson keep the cash?
NOLA.com Jury sees photos of cash in William Jefferson's freezer
NOLA.com FBI agent says former Rep. William Jefferson tried to hide documents
NOLA.com William Jefferson corruption trial shifts to other 'schemes'
NOLA.com Pictures of William Jefferson's Freezer and Money
NOLA.com Videotapes and photos make vivid evidence at Jefferson trial
NOLA.com William Jefferson corruption case marks a legal first
NOLA.com Witness: Ex-Rep. William Jefferson said role in deal was legal
NOLA.com Stephanie Grace: Cash remains a problem for former U.S. Rep William Jefferson
NOLA.com William Jefferson took care of brother, Mose, witness says
NOLA.com Judge refuses to delay Mose Jefferson's bribery trial
NOLA.com Sugar company paid Mose Jefferson 4% cut
NOLA.com William Jefferson trial about to enter final lap
NOLA.com William Jefferson defense to take stage soon
NOLA.com Stephanie Grace: Mose Jefferson -- Consultant or conspirator
NOLA.com William Jefferson trial attorneys quarrel on Customs report
NOLA.com William Jefferson trial: Does the defendant take the stand or remain silent?
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson's lawyer wants out of racketeering case
NOLA.com William Jefferson case witness repeats 'bribing' refrain
NOLA.com Prosecution nears end in case against former Rep. William Jefferson
NOLA.com Former Rep. William Jefferson not expected to testify, attorney says
NOLA.com William Jefferson defense rests after tapes played
NOLA.com Stephanie Grace: In the end, former U.S. Rep. William Jefferson had nothing to say
NOLA.com Taped conversations used by both prosecution and defense in bribery case of Congressman William Jefferson
NOLA.com William Jefferson's attorneys want all but one charge thrown out before jury gets corruption case
NOLA.com Closing arguments may be delayed in former Rep. William Jefferson's trial
Washington Post Let He With $0.00 in His Freezer Cast the First Stone
NOLA.com William Jefferson case judge is old school ruler of court
NOLA.com Judge refuses to drop most charges against Jefferson
NOLA.com Judge, lawyers prepare for final phase in trial of former Rep. William Jefferson
NOLA.com UPDATE: Prosecution in William Jefferson trial concludes initial closing argument, defense up next
NOLA.com Arguments complete, jury should get William Jefferson case Thursday
The BLT Prosecutors Go Long in Closing Arguments for Ex-Rep. Jefferson
The BLT Jefferson Defense Delivers Closing Argument, Invokes "Lemons"
NOLA.com William Jefferson jurors get lawyers' final pitch
NOLA.com Jury ends first day of deliberations in William Jefferson trial
WWLTV.com Jefferson jury done for day
NOLA.com UPDATE: William Jefferson jury begins second day of deliberations in federal corruption case
NOLA.com Jurors in William Jefferson's case go home for weekend
NOLA.com Jurors will return to work Monday
NOLA.com Jefferson case grew out of stalker fears
NOLA.com William Jefferson jury concludes third day without verdict
NOLA.com UPDATE: William Jefferson jury completes fourth day without verdict
WWLTV.com Jurors to receive transcript of instructions in Jefferson trial
NOLA.com William Jefferson jury deliberating a fifth day
NOLA.com William Jefferson guilty on 11 of 16 corruption counts; sentencing is Oct. 30
NOLA.com The William Jefferson verdict
Washington Post Former La. Congressman Convicted of Taking Bribes
The BLT Ex-Rep. William Jefferson Convicted of Bribery
NOLA.com Stephanie Grace: William Jefferson can't shake Dollar Bill image
NOLA.com William Jefferson case will always be remembered for cash in the freezer
NOLA.com William Jefferson guilty verdict ends long political career
NOLA.com William Jefferson should forfeit $470,000 after guilty verdict
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson loses bid for indigent status in federal cases
NOLA.com Jarvis DeBerry: Former Congressman William Jefferson's behavior unethical and, finally, illegal
AllAfrica.com Africa: Ex-U.S. Lawmaker, Jefferson, Convicted of Bribery
NOLA.com William Jefferson legal saga far from over
NOLA.com Federal judge refuses to immediately delay or move Mose Jefferson bribery trial
NOLA.com 'God has shamed the devil and cleared the innocent,' former Nigerian official says after William Jefferson verdict
NOLA.com William Jefferson jurors whistled while they worked
NOLA.com William Jefferson's political family has rough times ahead
WWLTV.com Jury seated in Mose Jefferson trial after request to delay trial denied
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson heads to trial on charges of bribing former Orleans School Board president
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson jury is seated
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson to take the stand, his attorney says as trial opens
NOLA.com William Jefferson asks for new trial on corruption conviction
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson jury hears FBI tapes
NOLA.com Stephanie Grace: Mose Jefferson trial shines light on influence peddling
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson's lawyer chips away at motive for bribe
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson's defense attorney finishes questioning Ellenese Brooks-Simms
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson was out to help a friend, his attorney says
NOLA.com Federal prosecutors rest their case in Mose Jefferson bribery trial
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson defense begins in bribery trial
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson takes the stand in his own defense
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson testifies he had 'romantic relationship' with Ellenese Brooks-Simms
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson, Ellenese Brooks-Simms once lovers, Jefferson tells court
WWLTV.com Opinion - DuBos: Who will fill power void left by Jefferson's demise?
NOLA.com Former N.O. superintendent Tony Amato testifies he supported program Jefferson was selling
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson hammered by lawyers on unusual nature of his gifts
NOLA.com Closing arguments completed in Mose Jefferson trial
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson case goes to jury
NOLA.com Jury in Mose Jefferson trial asks for transcripts of secretly taped conversations
NOLA.com Mose Jefferson convicted on four counts in bribery trial
NOLA.com Jefferson case shows meltdown of Orleans Parish School Board
NOLA.com Former Rep. William Jefferson, wife file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy
NOLA.com Former Rep. William Jefferson $7.1 million in debt
NOLA.com Former Rep. William Jefferson denied new trial

Mose Jefferson files request for new trial

NOLA.com FBI kept quiet about sexual relationship between agent, star witness in Jefferson trial
NOLA.com FBI late to link 'Lori M.' with agent in Jefferson case
NOLA.com William Jefferson's attorneys ask for 2-week sentencing delay
NOLA.com William Jefferson's attorneys have $350,000 lien on his Capitol Hill home
NOLA.com William Jefferson's sentencing pushed back to Nov. 13
zimbio.com William Jefferson’s law license suspended
NOLA.com William Jefferson gets bad news from bankruptcy trustee
NOLA.com Feds push for $478,000 forfeiture from William Jefferson
NOLA.com Jefferson's criminal sentencing, bankruptcy hearing a month apart
NOLA.com William Jefferson sentencing of 27-33 years recommended
NOLA.com William Jefferson's attorneys argue for shorter sentence
NOLA.com Jefferson presses to stay out of jail
NOLA.com William Jefferson can expect long prison sentence -- but not 27 years, experts say
NOLA.com William Jefferson sentenced to 13 years in prison
NOLA.com William Jefferson's health scare led to the worst mistake of his life
NOLA.com William Jefferson reports to Texas prison to begin 13-year sentence
NOLA.com William Jefferson settles in to federal prison in Beaumont, Texas