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Jan. 21, 2006, 10:48PM
Chocolate with nuts

The Philadelphia Inquirer

By now, you've probably heard or seen a tape of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's idiotic comments about God wanting the Big Easy to be a "chocolate city."

Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray. At least he figured out he needed to apologize.

Some moments make you wish you wrote for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, not a venue prone to high seriousness. But what the heck. Who could resist? Here are a few one-liners on this novel Chocolate City concept:

• Actually, God must want New Orleans to be a chocolate sundae. After all, He put a nut on top.

• God already gave America a Chocolate City. It's called Hershey, Pa.

• Oh, so that's why everyone running the city turned out to be such a bunch of Milk Duds.

• Well, there's no doubt that when Ray Nagin says something, you to have to account for the fudge factor.

• Next year, at Mardi Gras, instead of beads we'll give the women M&Ms.

This just in: Willy Wonka has thrown his hat into the ring for the next mayoral election. He's running on the Golden Ticket.