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15 june 2006


It's been a long, tough few months, but our neighborhood is on the mend.  I used to think all the trash piles looked terrible, until Cecile Tebo put it in perspective - they are piles of progress!!!  And progress we are making. 

For those neighbors who have moved on, best of luck and we hope to see you move back to the area soon. 

For those of us still here, I would like to know how many are interested in renewing the patrol.  We did have a balance in our account in September, so Bob Bardy has been patrolling about 3 nights per week.  I haven't spoken with Collie, the treasurer, but I'm sure we are getting low on funds.  Dues were previously $30.00 per month and we were 97 strong.  If we keep dues at $30.00, we might not have 7 shifts per week.  It would be great if we could start up again June 1. 

Please respond to this informal poll so we can determine our next steps in re-organization. 
1.  Increase dues and keep 7 shifts per week.
2.  Keep dues at $30.00 and see how many shifts we can afford.
3.  Increase area patrolled so we can tap more potential households for dues.
Any new ideas about how to run patrol are greatly welcomed.  Let me know if you would like to be a block captain.  I plan to go on a door to door membership drive for our new neighbors, so if you are available to help, please let me know.  Also, if you have sold your property and have email for new owners, I would greatly appreciate that information.
Anne Eckert
4 june 2006

Greetings from the 'hood!

Many of the nice aspects of the neighborhood are returning and there is quite a bit of activity in the area of demolition, rebuilding, etc.  There are more and more people moving back in, and lawns are taking shape.  The weather has been generally nice, but way too dry and getting hot very quickly.

Many homes are going up for sale and many appear to be selling. 

My home at 4146 went on the market last week via

I'm going to put a custom sale page in the near future and I would be willing to do the same for anyone that would like one, complete with detailed pictures and specs...on this site.  Remember this site is for the neighborhood and can be used for many many purposes.

I took a set of neighborhood pictures yesterday at

Remember the Broadmoor Improvement Association at

...and there are other linkages at

In case you haven't been keeping up on the politics and levee issues, you can find a catalog of many notable press releases at

On the subject of crime you can check the forum I created to hold all the crime news at

And we have a neighborhood forum in case you want to use it at

You register FREE of charge and then you can post whatever you think is relevant.

Additionally, as you know, I will be leaving for Austin in midsummer.  If anyone wants to take up the torch to maintain the site and send out neighborhood emails, please let me know.  Website work is pretty easy with editors like FrontPage.

...until next time!

Jim Z

29 april 2006

Greetings from beautiful Marlyville-Fontainebleau!

The neighborhood is steadily improving and restoring.

Yes, there are a fair number of homes for sale, but property values remain high especially for restored properties.

I took a quick photo-survey this morning:

As far as I am aware, there has been no crime in our neighborhood lately, but please chime in if you have experienced any.

Please remember the neighborhood forum at

You can post on any subject that you find deserving of public attention.  Meet your neighbors, suggest improvements to the neighborhood, talk about politics, report security issues, etc.  Let me know if you would like to add a major topic to the forum and please post with informative titles to your posts.

You can also go to the forum at the excellent Broadmoor Improvement Association site:


Take care and enjoy jazz fest.  The only problem is that jazz fest increases traffic on our street dramatically.


Also Kristi Trail sent this in:

Mark your calendar for May 20th, 2006 from 9am-1pm to visit the 8th Annual Hazardous Household Material Collection Day!

This event is supported by St. Charles & St. John Parishes as well as the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and several industries.

The attached flyer outlines the two collection locations, as well as what materials are accepted, and what is not.  Come properly dispose of hazardous materials you may have around your property, such as paint, automotive batteries, aerosol cans, and used oil.

Page 1 (details):

Page 2 (maps):

PLEASE NOTE:  Hurricane and Construction debris IS NOT ACCEPTED
5 april 2006

Sentiment of the day

"Each day that passes makes some of us feel less and less like fighting to rebuild New Orleans. It's getting harder and harder to remember a time when this city felt comfortable; when its uniqueness and history and beauty compensated for its many problems." (from forum)

23 march 2006

The Corruption of Judge Charles Elloie

I hope everyone finds this judge's alleged behavior as unethical as I do:

...and from 2005:

Crime group blasts judge's record
12:52 PM CST on Monday, March 14, 2005

A local watchdog group says one Orleans Parish judge is responsible for the overwhelming majority of bond reductions in the parish and that many of the suspects released following the reductions have gone on to commit other crimes.

The Metropolitan Crime Commission said Judge Charles Elloie is responsible for 83% of the bond reductions in the parish. The rest of the judges combined only lowered bonds in 17% of the instances. The Commission study found that 2,900 defendants got back on the streets following the bond reductions between July 2003 and July 2004. Of those out on lowered bonds, 27% went on to be charged with additional crimes.

"Judge Elloie's nine years on the bench are littered with horror stories of people that were victimized because of Judge Elloies' releasing these people from jail," said Metropolitan Crime Commission Chief Rafael Goyeneche. Elloie did not comment to WWL-TV, but in a published report in the Times-Picayune, he indicated that he would revisit his methods after seeing the report.

Here is his contact info:

The "Honorable" Charles Elloie, Judge
Phone: (504) 827-3490.
Fax: (504) 827-3497

If New Orleans can rise from the ashes, judges like this need to be removed in my opinion.

He's already been censured by the La Supreme Court:

Is there something that can be done from a grassroots movement?

I have emailed Judge Elloie, the NYTimes, La. State Supreme Court, and .

Please contact your friends in city, state, and federal government!

19 march 2006

Neighborhood Update

Demolition and rebuilding activity in the neighborhood is continuing to increase. This activity is easy to trace because as soon as demolition debris is cleared, new piles appear. This will probably be a ongoing theme for sometime. Several folks have installed sod and their St Augustine grass looks wonderful. I'm probably going to join the sod-club soon, and will have to buy a new lawnmower.

There are a few more "For Sale" signs appearing also.

My hat is off to Dr Mayer (corner Grape and Vendome) who has raised his A/C units to about 10 feet off the ground.

Spring weather has been unseasonably warm. There is a distinctly different flora of insects that have embraced our new environment. Small nonstinging gnats or fruit flies have proliferated along with large mosquito-ish (nonbiting) insects. The gnat-like insects have the propensity to appear indoors and these insects love to fly around one's head apparently attracted by warmth and/or breath. This is a nuisance. There are more and more birds re-appearing. Possibly due to our feeders, we have a plethora of doves coo-ing around constantly.

There is a new garbage pick-up day: Wednesday, I believe. You can verify this on this link which is in Adobe PDF format:

I walked through the neighborhood and took another set of survey photographs this AM:

I also took down most of the spurious signage on telephone poles and medians, leaving all the yard signs, of course. I left the neighborhood organization signs, and I actually moved a couple to the median on Fontainebleau which is at the end of Vendome. These signs now block the ability of people to cross over the median (illegally) to Vendome.

I understand that our security guard may be back on duty at night.

My personal future is rather uncertain due to the fact that I work for the State of Louisiana. I may have to find another job and/or residence in the near future. I also have some doubts about near term Category 5 protection as well as the political status of our city which are shaping my decision making process.

My main request this time is to email me and share contact information for any contractors with which you have had a good experience. I need someone to hang sheetrock and put in an inexpensive ceiling and floor in my "basement."

Jim Zachary
4146 Vendome

18 march 2006

A new garbage collection schedule map can be obtained by clicking HERE [Adobe PDF format]

14 feb 2006

from BIA General Meeting - Feb. 15

A general meeting on Wednesday, February 15 for all residents of Broadmoor and surrounding areas will be held at Loyola University at Louis Roussel Hall, corner of Calhoun and St. Charles beginning at 6:30 pm. The speaker will be Mr. Walter Baumy, Chief of Engineering Division, New Orleans District, Task Force Guardian for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Mr. Baumy will address the issue of the levee's and the safety of the Broadmoor community moving forward in rebuilding the neighborhood.

12 feb 2006

There is a lot of activity in the neighborhood. After the debris was cleared recently by the Corps, yesterday I noticed that probably 60% of all homes had a fresh pile of debris including demolition and massive amounts of dead vegetation.

I have found it somewhat bizarre and aggravating that despite the street being relatively unparked, people are parking directly in my driveway several times per week. It's as if some people do not have a clue what a driveway is. I noticed a nonresident photographing some homes the other day, and I took his picture which resulted in him questioning ME as to whether I needed anything from him. I replied that a photograph was enough.

I would encourage anyone who is back to keep your digital cameras ready and near your door and to photograph any suspicious activity.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

Additionally some rude dog owners have returned allowing their canine to poop on my driveway. I guess Katrina can clear the city out, but it cannot cure rude, careless people. Sorry to be so negative, but the whole situation is so frustrating sometimes and then to have new literal crap added on top can be aggravating.

Anyway, I have been very busy keeping the site up and even adding a new "How To Prepare and Respond to Disaster Situations" section including online document storage and mold remediation:

There are a LOT of new press clippings:

Krewe de Vieux was a lot of fun last night although it was very cold and windy. I'll post some pictures in the future. Their theme was "C'est Levee" and floats such as "Home is Where the Tarp Is" were hilarious. "Chirac Please Buy Us Back" was another good one:

Also Canal Place re-opened last week. The cinema and several restaurants and stores have reopened with Saks and others to follow slowly.

On a personal note, my job is guaranteed until June only. After that, I may be cast adrift. So I am preparing for the worst and keeping my ear to the ground.

It will probably be another couple of weeks before you hear from me again. Take care.

11 feb 2006

Mold Remediation: Fact vs Fiction

Mold remediation can consist merely of spraying a weak solution of chlorine bleach plus or minus a surfactant onto mold-infected surfaces.

Mold is not harmful to humans despite all the hype UNLESS you inhale large amounts of it or eat it. The spores of the mold may have toxins in them but the spores do not remain airborne. They are so heavy that they fall directly to the ground.  It is very unlikely that "sick building syndrome" has anything to do with "toxic black mold."


9 feb 2006

Emergency Preparedness: Online Document Storage

I have been actively implementing another aspect of my personal emergency plan: online storage of documents and presentations.

If one stores their documents online, the necessity to be near a specific computer or file cabinet at the time of an approaching disaster becomes much less important. You can access all of your important documents from any internet-connected computer anywhere you are (unless you are already dead.)

I am currently storing all of my licensure information, board certifications, automobile and home insurance information, titles, CME, health information (I created a self-generated medical summary), presentations, papers, articles, valuable photographs, financial information, birth certificates, tax records, etc. Just about anything that you would put in a physical file can be uploaded.


5 feb 2006

The neighborhood is bright and sunny today so I'm feeling a bit upbeat.

Personally I'm leaving my basement unfinished until I find out about the situation with the levees this hurricane system. I'm going to go with a bare industrial look - only enclosing the basement bathroom in industrial plastic and replacing a few doors. I'll also touch up my paint job later this year. The yard was pruned of all the dead boxwood and lagustrums leaving my home (4146 Vendome) more exposed than in the past 15-20 years. Surprisingly it doesn't look half bad. I'll also be updating my kitchen just a tad.

I'm pleased to report that quite a bit of reconstruction work is going on especially on the 4000 and 4100 block with work seeming to taper off toward the far end of the 4200 block. There are 4-6 or more FEMA trailers on the street now. There are probably 6-8 homes occupied on at least the upper floors also. Electrification is continuing to progress as one can assess by driving down the street at night. It gets pretty dark at the far end of the 4200 block.

Cox, Bellsouth, gas, electricity, water, sewage are all available in case you don't already know that. Garbage collection took place on Thursday and left a thin layer of styrofoam peanuts all over the vicinity. That's always nice.

The street was cleaned up by the Corps of Engineers recently and it looks semi-respectable. Of course, more debris has been stacked up since that time.

I'm not aware of any security issues except that someone was shooting fireworks last week on Groundhog Day. Someone on Vincennes was shooting fireworks on New Years Eve; I went over to ask them not to do so and got a very negative reaction as well as some low level threats. They claimed that they were not aiming the rockets over homes although quite clearly some rockets had been launched toward my home and those nearby. The recent fires at the theatre on Thalia and in the Marigny underscore the risk with anything incendiary. However, there is no way to control the situation without a show of force which unfortunately is not available. My understanding is that the NOPD will not assist with these issues.

The NOPD's new tact that I have observed is to park their cars near intersections with their lights flashing while they talk on cell phones.

When the weather is beautiful like today, I feel upbeat. When the neighborhood is strewn with debris and the weather is wintery, I feel somewhat less so.

There are new pictures at

They provide a quick photo tour of our street. Some are not very well exposed due to the morning backlighting from the sun.

Please take the time to do the following:

1. provide me with contact information for any contractors, electricians, roofers, plumbers, demolition people, floor people, etc., that you have had a good experience with

2. provide me with any information that may be useful to our neighborhood

3. check out the petitions that are linked from my website regarding the levees and the levee boards and PLEASE forward these links to all of your friends and family

4. send me any email addresses that you would like me to add to these updates

5. send me any press clippings that you would like to have included on the site

6. consider putting up a bird feeder at your home. The poor birds are having a hard time with the absence of vegetation and insects. I've put out about 200 pounds of seed this Winter so far.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Jim Zachary 4146 Vendome Pl

3 feb 2006

All - We had a GREAT Meeting last night. Thanks to those of you that attended. We are really excited about our next big project - a HUGE neighborhood clean-up on Feb. 11.

The New Orleans Revolution is working hard, but we still need your help! Please help by promoting this great event. Attached is a flyer to pass out to EVERYONE you know!!

We also need volunteers on Feb. 11 to help us CLEAN the neighborhood, and also to help with our post clean-up party (we'll have jambalaya and refreshments). Please let us know if you can help us out. You can contact us here or by calling 504-231-8214.

The New Orleans Revolution

Become a Part of the Revolution

27 jan 2006

The New Orleans Revolution will be holding a general membership meeting on Thursday February 2.  Please make plans to attend!  The meeting will be at 6 PM at the home of Harry Fuselier (5518 Coliseum St.).  We’ll discuss our  next big clean-up to take place on February 11 in the Broadmoor / Fontainebleau area.  Also - we will have a guest speaker.

You may reply to this e-mail if you have any questions although RSVP is not necessary.  We look forward to seeing you.

And please check out these upcoming area events listed below!!

Kristi Trail
The New Orleans Revolution
Become a Part of the Revolution!


Mayor Nagin’s Bring New Orleans Back (BNOB) Commission: Economic Development Committee Final Report Friday, January 27, 2006 at 1:00 PM; Sheraton Hotel, 500 Canal Street, Room TBD

KATRINA Krewe: Saturday, Jan. 28th 9am to noon. Washington and S. Broad, meet on the corner at the Spur. With enough people we can branch off in 4 directions, so come in full force! Jazz band around noon. Look for Katrina Krewe signs and safety cones. For more info.
check out

Individuals who would like to become certified to serve on election day as paid poll commissioners for elections in Orleans Parish should contact the Orleans Parish Clerk of Court's office at telephone 504-962-5522, fax to 504-962-5537, or send an email to In order to serve they must attend a 2 hour training and certification class and pass an open book test at the certification class. There are classes on Jan. 28th & Feb. 4 at the Jewish Community Center (5342 St. Charles at Jefferson Ave. - Uptown) at 8am, 10am or 12pm. Individuals serving as commissioners will receive $100 per election and must be registered to vote in Orleans Parish. Their current residence is not an issue as long as they have not changed their voter registration to an out-of-parish address. They must be at least 17 years old and not have been convicted of any election offenses.

Fontainebleau Improvement Association – Meeting Monday Feb 6 at St. Rita’sSchool (2729 Lowerline St). Councilman Jay Batt will attend. For moreinformation, please contact or 504-865-7651

Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans - Rally in Baton Rouge
Monday, February 6, 2006 from 12 Noon - 1 p.m.
Opening Day of the Special Legislative Session. Buses depart from Audubon Zoo at 9:30 a.m.
Whether going by bus ($10 per person) or car a count of participants is needed. Make rally reservations for bus and cars at or call 504-891-6415.

Desire NOLA will be hosting a large fundraiser at the end of March 2006.
More information will be announced via a press release in the near future. If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please contact

And be sure to check out these sites – cool stuff!

25 jan 2006

On Saturday, January 28th Broadmoor residents will meet on the neutral ground on Napoleon Avenue. Our mission is to place a flyer on every property in Broadmoor inviting ALL Broadmoor residents to attend their first Sub-Group Planning Meeting (A, B, and C) the week of January 30th -February 4th. Broadmoor has had great attendance at the rally and meeting. Now it's time to take take the future our great neighborhood into our own hands.

Please join us as we hit the streets running Saturday morning. Residents will meet on Napoleon Avenue at 9:30 am. Walk and distribute from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Music and Pot Luck lunch at end of the flyer distribution back at the original Napoleon Avenue meeting spot.

Residents from each Broadmoor Neighborhood Subgroup are responsible for placing flyers within their own neighborhood subgroup. You can view and download the map of Broadmoor subgroups at

Maggie Carroll
Acting BIA Secretary

21 jan 2006

Click HERE for City Garbage Collection map indicating day of the week that garbage will be collected.

15 jan 2006
There will be a Broadmoor Improvement Association (BIA) Meeting as follows:

Time: Wednesday January 18 at 6:30 PM

Location: 3504 Napoleon Avenue (home of Irwin Isaacson)

Issues: rebuilding Broadmoor (and surrounding), 2006 elections of officers, city permits, commission's plan

Click here for the flyer.

14 jan 2006
There was a nice rally of interested Broadmoor, Marlyville, Fontainebleau residents on the median of Napoleon Ave at 4:00 PM today.  The informal rally was well attended with 300 or so nice folks and a small brass band.

Click here for pictures.

14 jan 2006

Recovery Perspective

On August 29, 2005, I believe we witnessed the death of old New Orleans.

Old New Orleans was a generally pleasant place to live if you ignored the large run-down drug-infested neighborhoods, the ultra-high crime rate, the political corruption, the lack of civic and personal pride/responsibility, the drunken tourists common in the French Quarter, and the infernal summer weather.  New Orleans was a smaller city where it was easy to get around and get things done with a minimum of hassle, cost, and time.  It was cheap to live in New Orleans, but just like anything else, you get what you pay for ultimately.  


24 dec 2005
I posted over
200 new pictures of Vendome Place, Octavia, Vincennes, and Dart.

I took as many pictures as I could without having the National Guard pick me up; please pardon me if they are a little invasive.

I'm going to post contractor signage separately.
12 dec 2005
I'm pleased to report that Cox cable TV and internet began functioning yesterday.  We noticed that the displayed time on the digital cable box had updated itself from "5:00" ever since the storm to the correct time at approximately 7:00 PM last night.  A quick check of the TV and status revealed both were "good to go."
Bellsouth is apparently laying fiberoptic cables to replace their ruined copper wire network.  Their estimated date to repair is still unknown but it could be several months.  As I have mentioned before, ADSL via Bellsouth is still functioning despite no dialtone.
However, I have been pleasantly surprised by things up to this point (except for the general state of the city.)
Sad news: My good neighbor Mike Gannon has decided to move to (literally) greener pastures in Tennessee.
Happy Holidays!
28 nov 2005
I took the opportunity this morning to explore the neighborhood a bit more than I ever had.  I took some of the usual shots of facades but in some cases I went a little deeper.  I hope you guys don't mind the "intrusion."
The demoliton phase seems to be nearing completion and disinfection was going on at a number of residences.
Dr. Andy Mayer and the Vega family seem to be leading the edge of the reconstruction phase.
There are about 3 residences for sale on Vendome.
Overall, it's a bit ghostly and surreal and, of course, sad.  However, in my case, it's nice to be in my home after 10 weeks.  My job with LSU is on shakey ground so I may have to end up leaving town sometime in mid-2006.
I met a couple of neighbors including Mike Keifer (Walmsley & Vendome) and Tony Digeorge (Grape & Octavia) who were working today.
Hang in there!
Happy Holidays!
15 nov 2005
Bellsouth telephone landline continues to be nonfunctional with no date to resolution.  However, Bellsouth contractors blitzed the neighborhood last week and replaced all the junction boxes on all customer residences.  That is encouraging. 
I accidentally plugged in my ADSL modem and found that my high speed internet via Bellsouth does work without a dialtone.  I had heard of this phenomena but never thought that such good luck would apply to my case.  I rely on the internet for literature searches for my job as well as news that I relay to you on on the reconstruction process.  If I had to choose between a dial tone and ADSL, I would choose the latter.
I have ordered an EVDO card for Verizon wireless internet on my notebook computer.  I will try this out and let you know how things go in case you relied on Cox for internet and need a temporary (pricey) alternative.  The couple who live next door have two of these computer cards and are somewhat satisfied.  This card will be useful at work where the Ethernet LAN is slow as molasses on a cold day.
I called 1-800-ENTERGY and requested natural gas service to be restored.  I had to hold for 20 minutes, but I was given a November 30 date for restoration.  Apparently no certified inspection is necessary as I once thought.  This may be due to our newly reworked street and infrastructure.  As painful as the street replacement process was, perhaps it was worth it.
Cox Cable
I called the Cox Cable repair number and requested repair.  The gentleman on the line stated "there's not much going on there, is there?" and said they had no way to even send a truck out.  The estimated date of repair is unknown and may be a month or longer.  He suggested calling back periodically.  This may be another situation where if enough people call and express interest, then Cox will take notice.  I envy those of you with DirectTV.  Scott connected an amplified antenna to our cable system in the house, and now we can get 4 or 5 channels on all the TVs in the house.
I hope you find this information helpful.  I will be photographing the neighborhood again this week to capture the progress.
...until next time...
10 nov 2005
Bellsouth contractors are going through the neighborhood replacing all the outdoor junction boxes on each home.
We were informed yesterday that further repair would be required to actually connect the new junction box on the outside of one's home to the internal phone wiring.  If you have a wire maintenance contract, then it would be covered.  If you do not have such a contract and are already paying a monthly fee, the repairs would be at some additonal cost to the customer.
I am not sure how to get the next phase completed, but I will submit another request to Bellsouth, and I will update you when I learn more.
9 nov 2005
Following today's successfull electrical inspection at my home, power was finally restored thanks to Ponchatrain Electric LLC and the City of New Orleans.
The electrical repairs will continue over the next few days to get everything working, and my outside A/C unit will be replaced tomorrow.
The elements lacking when we move back in shortly will be
1.  landline (phone)
2.  internet
3.  cable tv
4  natural gas for the furnace
I've already subscribed to a form of wireless broadband internet called EVDO which is available via Verizon for notebook computers.  It's a bit pricey but better than nothing.  You can find out more about it at
I plan on using electric space heaters if it cools down (which seems unlikely) until natural gas is available.
In case you were wondering, street lights are now on Vendome Place on all the blocks.
7 nov 2005
Electricity is available to all or most homes on Vendome Place.  Power is switched-off at the meters and requires a certified electrical inspection following removal of all wiring that was submerged.
Sadly Bellsouth phone service is down for the entire neighborhood as I mentioned.  This situation is likely not to be corrected in the near future, but I would suggest submitting a repair request for each of your homes to speed the process.  The more requests the better...
...And the resident in the red brick home at the corner of Grape and Vendome moved back into his home last Friday!!!!  He is the first Vendome Place resident back in, and his home looks super with new grass and a freshly painted fence.  I saw his lights on last evening.
I hope to be back in my home in the next week or so after the electrical inspection which is scheduled for tomorrow.  I still have to replace my outside A/C unit but only after power is returned.
You can call my electrician which is listed in the recommended workmen section of the website if you need some electrical help.
Scott ended up reading up on and subsequently installing all the major appliances we lost due to the inability to find someone to help on a timely basis.  I switched to all electric appliances due the absence of natural gas until mid to late November as per Entergy.  The Bywater which did not have flooding is still waiting on gas service in many areas.
6 nov 2005
I put in a request for Bellsouth to repair my telephone landline and DSL via the Bellsouth website.
A representative called and came out the next day!
Unfortunately the junction box on the side of my house took water, but the really sad news is that the neighborhood junction box also took water and therefore the estimated date of repair is unknown but likely in the range of several months.
I would suggest increasing your cell phone minutes if you have not already done so.
I do not know the status of Cox telephone service, cable, or internet in our neighborhood but I will get some information here in the next 1-2 weeks.
21 oct 2005
Karen O'brien reported to me today that her place was looted for some costume jewelry and other items last night.  Apparently the looters got in the patio door after trying at several other attempted entrance ways.
Also the house on the corner of Walmsley and Vendome closest to Karen was looted.  This is the house with the swimming pool that is now exposed.
The police came but can do little as there is no crime lab for fingerprinting or other evidence.  The police said they would step up patrols and Karen was doing to ask the remaining National Guard to do the same.
There is nothing to do except the following:
1.  Secure your remaining belongings especially valuable as best you can.  I am evacuating mine to my temporary residence today.
2.  Get into your house as soon as possible.
My electrical repairs are 98% completed and they may be finished today; I will be able to move back in to 4146 when the city turns the electricity on at my meter.  This may take some time at the rate the city is currently doing it. 
Questions?  Let me know.
Jim Zachary
18 oct 2005
I'm in the neighborhood every 2-3 days.  There is demolition going on in almost every residence.  The Red Cross was serving food 2 houses down from us from a van on Sunday; unfortunately it was nearly inedible.

Thanks to Blake Heymann and John Delamatre our basement was demolished in 72 hours.  It dried for another few days and then I disinfected it with a solution of Jo-Max, bleach, and water (the recipe is on the Jo-Max) container.  Jo-Max is a surfactant that helps to kill microrganisms and to penetrate surfaces a bit.  Apparently the mask I wore was inadequate and I suffered moderately severe hypochlorite (chlorine) respiratory toxicity for about 18 hours afterwards; I essentially burned my nose, throat, bronchial tree, and lungs.

Brad, an electrician recommended by Blake, is now rewiring my basement.  We just noticed that as soon as the electrical repairs are completed, we will get an electrical inspection and can be hooked back onto a functional electrical grid.  Our outside power meter shows that power is available to our house!  Hopefully that can be done in the next week or so.  Unfortunately all our major appliances including a brand new a/c unit were destroyed.  However, that will soon be remedied also.  I will be replacing my gas dryer and hotwater heater with electrical ones so that I do not have to wait for the return of natural gas AND electricity in the future.

18 oct 2005
Here is the link to the official city site with situation updates:

The zipcode 70125 info is as follows:

  • Sewer: East Bank sewer system is inoperative
  • Water: potable. No water in Lower 9th Ward and New Orleans East.
  • Elect: Service available to 77% of customers. Entergy placing information letter on customers' door for houses with booted electrical meters.
  • Gas: 12% service available. Working to de-water low pressure system. Gas company placing door hanger on homes with meter turned off
  • Debris: Phase 1 Completed. 60,000 cubic yards collected as October 6, 2005: 870,092 square yards collected to date.
  • Transportation: Roads Inspected 55%; Signals Operational 0%; Temporary Stop Signs 60%; No bus service; no gas stations open; storm drains: 5%. RTA fare free for six months. All buses in circulation have handicapped accessibility. Airport is operational.
  • Fire: Low water pressure; delayed response
  • 911: Operational
  • Housing & Building Inspection in progress
5 oct 2005
Here is the link to the Mid-City forum on

The forums can be informative and entertaining at times.

4 oct 2005
Here is an 10/4 assessment of the restoration of electricity and natural gas to the New Orleans area:

It appears pretty grim for Vendome Place.  I hope it is incorrect or I am interpreting it incorrectly.

3 oct 2005
Here is a long disheartening article on about returning potable water to the East Bank of New Orleans:

2 oct 2005
Here is a long interesting article on the complexities involved with rebuilding after the flooding in New Orleans:

Its by some staff writers at the Times-Picayune on  Just click on the link above.

28 sept 2005
Jonathan Red writes: They put up a new telephone pole and transformers at my house this week.  Connection should occur within a week or two. Most homes will have to be certified by an electrical contractor prior to getting electricity. I will be down there this weekend to clean up some more. I'll try and get more info.

Zipcode 70125

Sewer: East Bank sewer system is inoperative
Water: Water for fire protection only – 52 days until potable water
Elect: Assessment 85% complete
Gas: Assessment 100% complete, system 90% secure
Debris: Phase 1 Completed
EMS: Green w/Mutual Aid;
Medical: E. J, Ochsner and W. Jefferson Hospitals open; Touro E.R. in progress; Kindred open for immunizations and some emergency care.
Transportation: Roads Inspected 25%; Signals Operational 0%; Temporary Stop Signs 0%; No bus service; no gas stations open
Fire: Low water pressure; delayed response
911: Fully operational Sept. 26
Housing & Building Inspection began on Sept. 27
Food: State Health Department must evaluate before re-opening for food service (3-4 days). Two 10-person teams available next week.


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26 sept 2005
This website was set up to aid the reconstruction of Vendome Place and surrounding areas.  Jim Zachary will also maintain a contact database which will be made available only to residents.  After the Katrina issues have been resolved, this website can serve as a community resource related to security and communications.

Please email Jim at vendomeplace(at) [substitute @ for (at)] with your current contact information in this format:

Pre-Katrina Address:
Landline number:
Cell phone(s) number:
Email address(es)

This information will not be publically available.  It will be made available to only verified neighborhood residents or other people that you specify.

Anyone that would like to contribute to the costs incurred (about $100) with this website can donate via PayPal to me via the Donate button below:








how to


email me with any neighborhood news