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Law Enforcement increases patrols to stop looters

07:12 PM CST on Sunday, January 29, 2006


Five months after Katrina, law enforcement officials are still working to stop looters in New Orleans area neighborhoods. In response to a growing number of lootings, the N.O.P.D. and Criminal Sheriff's office plan to put extra patrols in recovering neighborhoods.

In the past four and a half months, Dennis Areaux of Lake Vista said he has been the victim of looters three times.

According to Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff, Marlin Gusman, Areaux is one of many people in the New Orleans area that have been the victims of multiple looting incidents.

Gusman says he really became aware of the problem when he noticed the number of people in lockup on burglary and looting charges. This past Friday night, police arrested 143 people for burglary and looting. Gusman said Friday’s arrests were the most in one night since hurricane Katrina.

Gusman said his officers will be patrolling mostly in the evenings, and they will set up checkpoints in various neighborhoods.